Friday 7th February 2020 | From a Small Seed Yurt



with Siobhan & Gratia


Time & Location

7th February 2020, 7pm - 9pm - £35

From a Small Seed Yurt

Hangleton - West Hove

About The Event

Join us for a magical evening of Yoga Nidra combined with Aromatherapy and Sound therapy. Yoga Nidra is the yogic sleep which leads into a state of conscious deep rest where the body can then replenish itself. It is deeply nourishing and easeful route into a deep state of Meditation. Its the perfect antidote to busy stressful lives.Alchemy Crystal Bowls recalibrate the body by opening, shifting, clearing and rebalancing the chakra system or energy vortexes. These pure vibrations ultimately bring harmony within the cells in or body and take us in a journey to connect with our high heart.When practiced together, one can experience many benefits including, better sleep, more energy and an enhanced connection to our inner world. 

We will also use some doterra oils on some acupressure points to open the senses even deeper!

Research has shown Yoga Nidra to have helped people suffering with Insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma and chronic fatigue. During session Siobhan and Gratia will use voice and instruments to lead you on a gentle healing journey. The session will be recorded for you to use at home in your own time.

Siobhan is a professional freelance musician and certified sound-healer practitioner. She has travelled around the world performing harp and believes pure sound frequencies have the power to heal on many levels.

Gratia is a massage therapist and has been teaching yoga & Yoga Nidra for over two decades, both in the UK and overseas. Gratia blends her passion and love of sound with Yoga Nidra to nourish mind, body & spirit.

£35 (includes a YOGA NIDRA record of the evening)

with Gratia and Siobhan