AMALTHEA and its intimate combination of flute and harp, enchants the audiences with the distinct programmes  and ability to create a beautiful atmosphere and a unique blend of sounds

Classically trained, Klio and Siobhan draw inspiration both from the baroque, classical and contemporary eras as well as from different cultures and continents. They are regularly touring the U.K. with most recent tours in Devon with VIA, Dorset with ARTSREACH and Wiltshire with POUND ARTS.  


They have appeared  in Festivals and Concert Series such as Brighton Festival / Brigton Dome, Deverills Festival, Adur Arts Festival,  the Royal Chapel Concert Series and St Luke's Music and Wine amongst others.

AMALTHEA enjoys collaborations with new composers and artists, more recently they have commissioned and premiered Barry Mill's 'Flute & Harp Sketches' receiving excellent reviews.