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Yin Yoga and Tibetan Singing Bowls - weekly class

3pm - 4.30pm

Humankind Yoga Studio
22 Montague Street, Brighton

Price £20 per class

Buy 6 for £100 - expires in 3 months


Yin Yoga, Aromatherapy and Healing Harp

Saturday May 25th
3pm - 6pm

Yoga Garden

An exceptionally relaxing half day retreat combining yin yoga aromatherapy, crystal healing and sound therapy.

Allow yourself to be bathed in soothing sounds of healing harp and Tibetan singing bowls to help you release and relax more in each pose. We will also explore a specific, beautiful high grade essential oil that resonates with each yin pose. There will be an Alchemy crystal singing bowl sound bath to relax into after this deep and nourishing practice.

Price £60

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Settle, Nourish, Connect

6th - 9th June 2024

Devonshire Countryside
with Siobhan Swider & Deborah Brown

A spring immersion in nature and inner calm inner to nourish and energise.

This three day retreat set in the beautiful Devonshire countryside combines flavours of yoga, TRE, sound, meditation, movement, the elements and the senses wrapped in the tranquil ambiance of Namaste Barn.

Be nourished with delicious vegetarian food, freshly prepared by our in house chef, with a blend of home-grown and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Namaste Barn is comfortable and stylish and offers a high standard of accommodation with plenty of space for stillness and relaxing, in solitude or with new friends

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Glastonbury Sound Immersion Retreat

24th - 27th October 2024

Glastonbury - sold out

A deeply nourishing and transformative 3 day immersion into the world of sound healing in sacred part of the UK Glastonbury.

glastonbury sound healing retreat



Yoga classes - prices vary
Soundbaths - prices vary 

Hope to see you this week at one or more classes and do please send the links to anyone you think maybe keen on these practices of yin and restorative yoga and sound healing.

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The sessions I had with Siobhan were relaxing, insightful and helped to shift a lot of energy. I decided to focus on the solar plexus area and I felt a great healing to that area during our sessions. The resonance of the bowls on my body felt like it was touching stuck energy and helping me to bring it up into the light to be cleared. Siobhan has a kind and relaxing way about her so I felt able to really let go during the sessions. She created an atmosphere of trust and acceptance which I think is so important for this kind of work. Sometimes I would come away from the sessions feeling like my whole body was resonating a beautiful chord. That feeling is priceless. Thank you Siobhan.           Martin

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